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Specialty Cakes!

6" cakes- $55

8" cakes- $65

10" cakes- $75-80

12" cakes- $90

Cupcakes- $35/Dozen

*These are starting prices are subject to change based on inflation

We do custom cake design and flavors as well as offering a seasonal flavor list! Our traditional flavors are chocolate espresso, vanilla bean, orange blossom, zesty lemon, almond, and chai spice carrot cake. We can pair these cakes with an endless variety of buttercream and fillings. Contact us for a flavor list, or to see if we can create a custom flavor just for you!

*All of our cakes can be made Gluten Free for a $5 upcharge, please reach out with questions about allergies!

Cookie Cutouts

Cookies and Fudge Cups!

Fudge Cups- $15/Dozen, Flavor of your choice

Cookies- $20/dozen for all but decorated sugar cookies. Sugar cookies are $4/piece.

We offer bite size fudge cups so no crumbs are left behind! Some of our flavors include Dark Chocolate, Salted Chocolate, Coffee, Cookies and Cream, Cookie Dough, and Peanut Butter. Let us know if you want a custom flavor!

Cookie flavors are: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Cranberry, Peanut Butter, Snicker Doodle, Almond Pillow, Jammy Linzers, and Sugar Cookies in a couple flavors. Contact us to order special decorated cookies or any occasion!


Pies and Cheesecakes!

9" Pies- $25

9" Cheesecakes-$25

3" Mini Pies- $4

All of our cheesecakes and pies are served in a standard 9' pie pan. The crusts vary depending on the pie, and flavors can change seasonally! Our cheesecakes are not a traditional fluffy New York Cheesecake but rather are velvety smooth and layered with fillings. Trust us, you've been missing out!

Popular Pie Flavors: Peanut Butter Ganache Pie, Carolina Girl (Chocolate, Pecan, Espresso), Apple Streusel, Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, Pecan Pie, Orange and Cranberry, Strawberry, and Cookie Pie!

Our Cheesecakes are custom so let us know what flavors you love!

Blueberry Lavender Pop Tart

Pop Tarts!

Hand Pies- $26/Dozen

Pop Tarts- $30/Dozen


We offer many different types of pies and hand pies! The main difference is that pop tarts come with an icing and decoration on top and hand pies do not.  We have signature pop tart flavors each season, but some of our classics are Strawberry Streusel, Strawberry Fruity Pebble, Blueberry Lemon, Almond and Raspberry, Peanut Butter Stout and Chocolate, Cinnamon Roll, S'mores, Strawberry Basil, Apple Pie, and Reese's crunch! 

Ask us about making any of these products Gluten Free!

Gold Naked Cake Top View.JPG

Wedding Cakes!

All of our Wedding cakes are customized based on the client!

We price our tiered cakes by the serving, whether they are for Weddings, Birthdays or Anniversaries. The price per serving can change based on cake size, style, and flavor. Any other side desserts are generally priced by the dozen!

For tasting boxes you can taste three flavors each of our cakes, fillings, and buttercreams. If you are interested in other desserts for your special day then we can customize a box based on what you would like to serve.  If you have a custom flavor in mind just let us know!

Contact us for pricing details, flavor lists, or to set up a tasting! When reaching out please include your wedding date and venue!





Brioche Donuts- $30/dozen

All of our donuts are made from Brioche dough and sugar dusted when fresh! They can be cinnamon sugar dusted or filled with our custom fillings. They can also be made gluten free upon request!

Flavors: Ganache Glazed with or without sprinkles, Raspberry Jam  Filled, Lemon Curd Filled, Salted Caramel Ganache Filled, Bavarian Pastry Cream Filled, Lemon Glazed, Almond Glazed, Ginger Apple Butter Filled, or Nutella Filled.


Sampler boxes can have a max of three flavors per dozen. We can do custom fillings upon request!


We offer a variety of Sourdoughs, both Gluten-Free and Regular! Breads are custom order and need a minimum of 24 hours notice. 



- Traditional Sourdough

- Cranberry Pecan          

- Pistachio and Honey    


*All of our Gluten Free Products are prepared in the same kitchen as non Gluten-Free products, therefore they are "Almost Gluten Free" and not advised for those that are celiac.

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